Consulting Services

BIVERÒ PIZZA ACADEMY offers tailored-made on-site consulting services to soon to be opened or already existing pizzeria-restaurants.

We offer personal pizza training on the spot, we can guide you with the grand-opening of your pizzeria-restaurant, assist you with the creation or change of your menu, we can help you with the quality settings or quality improvements of your pizza dough, advise you on the construction and layout of your pizzeria and guide you with the sourcing of pizza equipment and ingredients.

A good start of your pizza business will make a huge difference to your future success. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to improve your pizza business to safeguard its future? In case you’re interested to make use of our years of experience, please contact us by email or use the contact form.

Each consultancy job is different. Depending on the size of your business and your personal requests, we can make a tailored made program. In general, for a pizzeria start up, such a program contains:

  • Pizza training for your employees on your own location;
  • Quality setting for your pizza dough;
  • Guidance and advice for the sourcing of the pizza oven and pizzeria equipment;
  • Advice on the layout of your pizzeria and dough preparation room;
  • Guidance in the selection of all pizza ingredients (flour, tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil and other toppings) ;
  • Creation of your pizza menu and recipes;
  • The hand and face of an experienced Italian pizzaiolo to smoothly help you through the ‘grand-opening’ of your pizzeria.

The most difficult aspect of hiring a pizza consultant, especially when you’re going to open a new pizzeria, is the WHEN question.
There are always unexpected delays when opening a new pizzeria; construction problems, a licence which hasn’t been acquired yet, essential equipment that hasn’t arrived yet. When you would like to make use of our pizza consulting services, it all comes to planning. You would like to have the pizza consultant on your side at the right moment, perhaps even at the moment of your grand opening. That means you need to know exactly when your doors will open. You need to have your staff ready to be trained, the oven should be installed etc. At the end, we need to plan as well. So please keep in mind: contact us in time.

The costs for our consulting services and training at location are €800 a day, excluded VAT, costs for travelling and accommodation.

Please contact us by phone, email or use the contact form for questions, the request for a tailored made program and proposal.

From September 2020 onwards we will fully dedicate our business to consulting services. This means we’ll also be availble for big projects (weeks up to months). Please contact us to learn more.

Consulting services and events executed by Massimiliano Crocetti

Pizzeria restaurant ‘Vera Pizza Napoli’

Seoul – South Korea

Pizzeria restaurant ‘Ribalta’

New York – U.S.A.

Pizzeria restaurant ‘Pasqualino’s’

Pittsburgh – USA

Pizzeria restaurant ‘Carlo’

Daegu – South Korea

Pizzeria ‘Pi Artisan Woodfired Pizza’

Winchester – Great Britain

Pizzeria restaurant ‘La Grillia’

Seoul – South Korea

Pizza Chef International Culinary Center – International Day of Italian Cuisines 2012

New York – U.S.A.

Pizza Chef for ‘Le 5 Stagioni’ – ‘Mercato Italiano’ Hanos

Eindhoven – The Netherlands

Pizzeria ‘Piola’

New York – U.S.A.

Opening of the first ‘Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli’ in Melbourne – Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Pizza Chef ‘Fine Food’ event for ‘Le 5 Stagioni’

Syney, Australia

Pizzeria restaurant ‘Lanterna’

Alassio (GE) – Italy

Pizzeria restaurant ‘Marzano’

Torringtown, Connecticut – U.S.A.