MINI INTENSIVE COURSE for the professional pizzaiolo

BIVERÒ PIZZA ACADEMY offers professional mini intensive courses for people who would like to make a first step into the professional world of pizza or for existing pizzaioli who would like to improve their skills.

The mini intensive course takes 5 days and contains all the important basics to become a professional pizzaiolo. During the course, the emphasis is on learning how to make different types of dough (direct and indirect) for Neapolitan pizza. Students learn how to use different kind of techniques, stretch the pizza by hand, bake in different ovens and prepare all different kind of toppings. Students learn how to make one standard size pizza (one person pizza). Making focaccia, pizza in teglia (pan pizza) and bread are also included.

The mini intensive course starts with 3 days of learning and practising everything in the school, followed by 2 days fully dedicated to a stage in our famous pizzeria-restaurant ZERO ZERO .

The stage gives the possibility to gain a lot of practice and experience in the field, because students will be working on the side of one of our pizza instructors during preparation and service hours. Everything learned in the school will be put into practice.
Students learn how to bake all different kinds of pizza which clients order, maintain high quality at all times due to constant guidance on their side and while we build up their speed.
We focus on the practical aspect of the profession which naturally reinforces the necessary theoretical framework. We are convinced that the work of a pizzaiolo requires more than anything the acquisition of the necessary manual dexterity and experience in the field. Our BIVERÒ PIZZA ACADEMY is unique when it comes to gaining this experience during the course.

At the end of the mini intensive course students do a practical exam. Students who fully attended the mini intensive course and who pass the practical exam, receive the ‘Certificate of Attendance’ of our BIVERÒ PIZZA ACADEMY. Students also get the opportunity to have their own student page with business information on our website.

Please consult our agenda to check the upcoming dates for mini intensive courses and contact us by email or use the contact form to ask for availability.

For each mini intensive pizza course we take maximum 2 students at a time. In this way we guarantee a full personal guidance during the entire duration of the course.

Our instructors speak very well English, so there’s no need to worry about language issues and there’s no need to hire a translator. All classes are in English.

The total cost for a mini intensive course is €950,- a person (ex VAT), including student materials, drinks and 2 meals a day.
We provide all students with shirts, aprons and heads for during the course. Students should bring their own appropriate shoes and pants (like kitchen pants and shoes).

BIVERÒ PIZZA ACADEMY organizes the accommodation for all its students during the course: a very nice and private apartment with own small kitchen and bathroom, very close to the BIVERÒ PIZZA ACADEMY. Please contact us by email or use the contact form to inform for costs.

The Theoretical Aspect

During the first 3 days in the school, lessons are dedicated to furthering the understanding of the principal aspects that make the performance of the dough and final product possible.
At the beginning of the course each student will receive an exhaustive student book prepared by our BIVERÒ PIZZA ACADEMY.
The personal approach of our school is reflected in the reference text we have put together with leading industry experts. All too often theory becomes an abstract treatise that strays far from the real context of our work. We make sure theory is approachable and easily applied to the practical aspect of the course work.

Raw Materials

Throughout the course specific attention will be dedicated to the raw materials, their evaluation and choosing them.
No professional, no matter how qualified or experienced, will ever be able to transform lead into gold.
Behind every good pizza are the best individual ingredients. Choosing and evaluating the basic but most important ingredients to a good pizza is therefore an essential aspect of working in a pizzeria.
In this regard it is fundamental to underline that within our course we will utilize the highest quality ingredients: ‘Le 5 Stagioni’ flour, San Marzano D.O.P tomatoes, D.O.P. buffalo mozzarella, ‘Fior di Latte’ mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and Grana Padano.